give1 W1S1 [gıv] v past tense gave [geıv] past participle given [ˈgıvən]
1¦(present or money)¦
2¦(put something in somebody's hand)¦
3¦(let somebody do something)¦
4¦(tell somebody something)¦
5¦(make a movement/do an action)¦
7¦(make somebody have a feeling)¦
8¦(make somebody have problems)¦
9¦(make somebody ill)¦
10¦(organize a social event)¦
11¦(make somebody do something)¦
12¦(make somebody/something have a quality)¦
13¦(pay for)¦
14¦(behave towards)¦
16 give (somebody) an impression/a sense/an idea
17 give something thought/attention/consideration etc
18 give (somebody) a hand
19 give somebody a call/buzz
20 give something a try/shot/whirl
21 give somebody time/a few weeks/all day etc
22 I give it six weeks/a month etc
23 not give something a second thought/another thought
24¦(be less strict)¦
25¦(state a decision)¦
26¦(give a mark/score)¦
29 give me something (any day/time)
30 would give anything/a lot/your right arm etc for something
31 not give a damn/shit etc
32 don't give me that
33 give somebody what for
34 give as good as you get
35 give and take
36 give or take a few minutes/a penny/a mile etc
37 I'll give you that
38 give somebody to understand/think/believe something
39 give it to somebody straight
40 I give you the chairman/prime minister/groom etc
Phrasal verbs
 give somebody/something away
 give something<=>back
 give in
 give in to something
 give of something
 give off something
 give onto something
 give out
 give over
 give something over to somebody/something
 give up
 give up on somebody/something
 give yourself up to something
[: Old English; Origin: giefan]
1.) ¦(PRESENT OR MONEY)¦ [I and T]
to let someone have something as a present, or to provide something for someone
give sb sth
What did Bob give you for your birthday?
Researchers were given a £10,000 grant to continue their work.
I've got some old diaries that my grandmother gave me years ago.
give sth to sb
a ring which was given to him by his mother
I didn't steal it! Maria gave it to me!
Most people are willing to give to charity .
The situation is now desperate, so please give generously .
to put something in someone's hand
give sb sth
Give me the letter, please.
give sth to sb
He poured some wine into a glass and gave it to her.
to allow or make it possible for someone to do something
give sb sth
He finally gave us permission to leave.
These meetings give everyone a chance to express their opinions.
Students are given the freedom to choose their own topics.
Language gives us the ability to communicate at a much higher level than any other animal.
Women were given the vote in the early 1900's.
give sb control/authority/responsibility etc
She was given absolute control over all recruitment decisions.
give sth to sb
This bill will give more power to local authorities.
to tell someone information or details about something, or to tell someone what they should do
She gave me some information on university courses.
My secretary will be able to give you more details.
Let me give you some advice .
give orders/instructions
She certainly likes giving orders.
They were given strict instructions not to tell anyone.
Can you give me directions to the station? (=tell me how to go there)
He gave the following example .
You may have to give evidence in court (=tell a court about what you have seen or know to be true) .
give an account/description
He gave a disturbing account of the murder.
to do something by making a movement with your hand, face, body etc
give a smile/laugh/grin/frown/yawn etc
She gave a little frown.
Joel gave me a smile as I walked in.
He gave her a big hug.
give a wave/movement/signal
He gave a wave of his hand.
Don't move until I give the signal.
give sth a shake/rattle/tug etc
She picked up the envelope and gave it a shake.
to make a speech, perform a piece of music etc for a group of people
give a talk/speech/lecture
He's giving a talk on early Roman pottery.
give a performance/display
They gave one of their best performances to date.
to make someone have a feeling
give sb sth
He gave us quite a shock .
The course has given me a lot more confidence .
His job did not give him much sense of fulfilment.
give sth to sb
Their music has given pleasure to a lot of people over the years.
give sb a headache/hangover
Keep the noise down - you're giving me a headache!
Whiskey always gives me a terrible hangover.
to make someone have problems
give sb problems/trouble/difficulties
The new software has given us quite a few problems.
to infect someone with the same illness that you have
give sb sth
Don't come too close - I don't want you to give me your cold!
give sth to sb
It's very unlikely a doctor could give HIV to a patient.
to organize a social event such as a party
= ↑hold, put on ↑put on
We're giving a small party for dad's birthday next week.
to tell someone to do a job or piece of work
give sb work/homework etc
How much homework are you given in a week?
He's always giving us chores to do around the house.
to make someone or something have a particular quality
= ↑lend give sb/sth sth
The ginger gives the dish a wonderful spicy flavour.
His grey hair gave him an air of distinction.
Its association with the movie industry has given the place a certain glamor.
13.) ¦(PAY FOR)¦ [T]
to pay a particular amount of money for something
They say they're not willing to give any more than they've already offered.
give sb sth for sth
They gave us £700 for our old car.
How much will you give me for these two games?
to behave towards someone in a way that shows you have a particular attitude or feeling towards them
give sb loyalty/obedience/respect
The people were expected to give their leader absolute obedience and loyalty.
15.) ¦(PUNISHMENT)¦ [T]
to officially say that someone must have a particular punishment
give sb a fine/a sentence
If you don't pay on time, you could be given a fine of up to $1000.
give sb 6 months/3 years etc
(=in prison)
The judge gave her two years in prison.
16.) give (sb) an impression/a sense/an idea
to make someone think about something in a particular way
I didn't want to give him the wrong idea about the job.
The report gives us a very accurate picture of life in the inner cities.
17.) give sth thought/attention/consideration etc also give thought/attention/consideration etc to sth
to spend some time thinking about something carefully
Congress has been giving the crime bill serious consideration.
I'll give the matter some thought and let you know my decision next week.
18.) give (sb) a hand
spoken to help someone do something
Can you give me a hand?
give (somebody) a hand with
Shall I give you a hand with that bag?
19.) give sb a call/buzz
informal also give sb a ring/bell BrE
to telephone someone
I'll give you a call about seven, okay?
20.) give sth a try/shot/whirl
informal also give sth a go BrE
to try to do something, especially something you have not done before
I'm not usually much good at this sort of game, but I'll give it a go.
21.) give sb time/a few weeks/all day etc
to allow time for someone to do something, or for something to happen
I've asked him to give me a couple more days to finish my essay.
Flexible working hours could give working parents more time to spend with their children.
22.) I give it six weeks/a month etc
spoken used to say that you do not think something will continue successfully for very long
I give the project six months at the most before it all falls apart.
23.) not give sth a second thought/another thought
to not think or worry about something at all
The matter didn't seem important, and I hardly gave it a second thought.
to be willing to change what you think or do according to what else happens
I think that both sides need to give a little.
[i]BrE to state what your official decision or judgement is, for example in a game
The referee has given a penalty.
The jury will be giving its verdict within the next couple of days.
26.) ¦(GIVE A MARK/SCORE)¦ [T]
to decide that someone should have a particular score or mark for something that they have done
She only gave me a B for my last essay.
The judges have given him top marks for this performance.
if a material gives, it bends or stretches when you put pressure on it
New shoes often feel tight, but the leather should give a little after a few days.
28.) ¦(BREAK/MOVE)¦ [I]
if something gives, it breaks or moves away suddenly because of weight or pressure on it
The branch suddenly gave beneath him.
I pushed against the door with all my might, but it still wouldn't give.
29.) give me sth (any day/time)
[i]spoken used to say that you like something much more than something else
Give me good old-fashioned rock 'n' roll any day!
30.)would give anything/a lot/your right arm etc for sth
spoken used when you would like something very much
I'd give my right arm for a figure like that.
31.) not give a damn/shit etc
spoken not polite used to say that you do not care at all about something
I don't give a damn what you think.
32.) don't give me that
spoken used to say that you do not believe someone's excuse or explanation
Don't give me that! I know exactly where you've been!
33.) give sb what for
spoken to tell someone angrily that you are annoyed with them
I'll give that boy what for when I see him!
34.) give as good as you get
to fight or argue with someone using the same amount of skill or force that they are using
I don't worry about Emma because I know she can give as good as she gets.
35.) give and take informal
to help other people and do things for them as well as expecting them to do things for you
You have to learn to give and take in any relationship.
36.) give or take a few minutes/a penny/a mile etc
spoken used to say that the amount or figure that you have just mentioned is nearly correct, but not exactly
It'll be a couple of thousand pounds, give or take fifty or so.
37.) I'll give you that
spoken used to admit that someone is right about something
I was wrong to trust him, I'll give you that.
38.) give sb to understand/think/believe sth
formal to make someone think that a particular thing is true
I was given to understand that I would be offered a permanent job.
39.) give it to sb straight informal
to tell someone something in a clear direct way
There's no point in beating about the bush, so I'll give it to you straight.
40.) I give you the chairman/prime minister/groom etc
BrE spoken used at the end of a formal speech to invite people to welcome a special guest
41.) ¦(SEX)¦ [T]
old-fashioned if a woman gives herself to a man, she has sex with him
give away [give sb/sth away] phr v
1.) to give something to someone because you do not want or need it for yourself
I gave most of my books away when I left college.
give somebody/something away to
Give your old clothes away to a thrift shop.
2.) to give something to someone without asking for any money, rather than selling it to them
We're giving away a free diary with tomorrow's newspaper.
give somebody/something away to
We have 1,000 CDs to give away to our readers.
3.) to show where someone is or what they are doing or thinking when they are trying to keep this a secret
Don't worry, I won't give you away.
Sue tried to smile, but her voice gave her away.
give yourself away
I knew that if I moved I would give myself away.
The look on his face gave the game away (=showed something that he was trying to keep secret) .
4.) to tell someone something that you should keep secret
He gave away as little information as possible.
I don't want to give away exactly how the system works.
I don't want to give the game away (=give information that should be secret) by saying too much.
5.) to lose in a game or competition by doing something badly or making mistakes
We gave away two goals in the first half.
The Democrats are now in danger of giving the whole election away.
6.) to give formal permission for a woman to marry a man as part of a traditional wedding ceremony
give back [give sth<=>back] phr v
1.) to give something to the person it belongs to or the person who gave it to you
This isn't your money and you must give it back.
Of course you can have a look at it, as long as you give it back.
give sth back to sb
I'll give the keys back to you tomorrow morning.
give sb sth<=>back
Her ex-husband refused to give her back any of her old photos and letters.
2.) to make it possible for someone to have or do something again
= ↑restore give sb sth<=>back
He underwent an expensive operation to give him back his sight.
The company finally agreed to give the women their old jobs back.
give sth back to sb
This legislation will give more power back to local authorities.
give in phr v
1.) to finally agree to do or accept something that you had at first opposed, especially because someone has forced or persuaded you to
Eventually I gave in and accepted the job on their terms.
Bob's wife went on at him so much that eventually he gave in.
give in to
The government refused to give in to their demands.
2.) to accept that you are defeated in a game, fight, competition etc
The rebels were eventually forced to give in.
We will carry on fighting to the end. We will never give in.
3.) give sth<=>in
BrE to give a piece of work or something you have written to someone in authority
= ↑hand in
You were supposed to give this work in four days ago.
Rose decided to give in her notice (=officially say she was going to leave her job) .
give something<=>in to
All assignments must be given in to your teacher by Friday.
give in to [give in to sth] phr v
to no longer try to stop yourself from doing something you want to do
Don't give in to the temptation to argue back.
If you feel the urge for a cigarette, try not to give in to it.
give of [give of sth] phr v
if you give of yourself, your time, your money etc, you do things for other people without expecting anything in return
Retired people are often willing to give of their time to help with community projects.
give off [give off sth] phr v
to produce a smell, light, heat, a sound etc
The wood gave off a sweet, perfumed smell as it burned.
Try not to breathe in the fumes given off by the paint.
give onto [give onto sth] phr v
if a window, door, or building gives onto a particular place, it leads to that place or you can see that place from it
the garden gate that gives onto the main road
a small balcony giving onto fields
give out phr v
1.) give sth<=>out
to give something to each person in a group
= ↑hand out
Can you give the drinks out, please?
give something<=>out to
Students were giving out leaflets to everyone on the street.
2.) if part of your body gives out, it stops working properly or becomes much weaker
Just as I approached the town, my legs finally gave out.
3.) if a supply of something gives out, there is none left
My money was beginning to give out and there were no jobs to be found.
After two hours her patience gave out.
4.) give out sth
to produce something such as light, heat, or a signal
= ↑emit
A gas lamp gave out a pale yellowish light.
5.) give sth<=>out
BrE formal to announce something, especially officially
It was given out that the government was to enter into negotiations with the rebels.
give over phr v
to stop doing or saying something that is annoying other people
I wish you lot would just give over!
give over doing sth
Oh, give over complaining, we're nearly there.
give over to / [give sth over to sb/sth] phr v
1.) be given over to sth
to be used for a particular purpose
The land surrounding the village was given over to vineyards.
The whole day was given over to cooking and preparing for the celebrations.
2.) give yourself over to sth
to spend all your time doing something
In his youth he had given himself over to pleasure.
3.) to give responsibility for or control over something to a particular person, organization etc
The running of internal affairs was given over to the Chancellor.
give up phr v
1.) give sth<=>up
to stop doing something, especially something that you do regularly
Darren has decided to give up football at the end of this season.
She gave up her job and started writing poetry.
give up doing sth
I gave up going to the theatre when I moved out of London.
Why don't you give up smoking?
2.) to stop trying to do something
We spent half an hour looking for the keys, but eventually gave up and went home.
I give up. What's the answer?
You shouldn't give up so easily .
give up doing sth
I gave up trying to persuade him to continue with his studies.
give sth<=>up
She has still not given up the search.
3.) give yourself/sb up
to allow yourself or someone else to be caught by the police or enemy soldiers
The siege ended peacefully after the gunman gave himself up.
give yourself/somebody up to
In the end, his family gave him up to the police.
4.) give up sth
to use some of your time to do a particular thing
I don't mind giving up a couple of hours a week to deal with correspondence.
5.) give sth/sb<=>up
to give something that is yours to someone else
The family refused to give up any of their land.
She was put under tremendous pressure to give the baby up.
give something/somebody<=>up to
I would always give my seat up to an elderly person on the bus.
6.) give sb<=>up
to end a romantic relationship with someone, even though you do not really want to
I knew deep down that I should give him up.
7.) give sb up for dead/lost etc
to believe that someone is dead and stop looking for them
The ship sank and the crew were given up for dead.
give up the ghost atghost1 (5)
give up on / [give up on sb/sth] phr v
to stop hoping that someone or something will change or improve
He'd been in a coma for six months, and doctors had almost given up on him.
At that point, I hadn't completely given up on the marriage.
give yourself up to [give yourself up to sth] phr v
to allow yourself to feel an emotion completely, without trying to control it
He gave himself up to despair.
HINT sense 1
Do not say 'give to somebody something': He gave me a card (NOT gave to me a card). They gave a prize to the best chef (NOT They gave to the best chef a prize).
put something in someone's hand: hand, pass
officially give something to someone: award, present, grant, confer, allocate
give something to people in a group: hand out, pass around, distribute
give to a charity: donate
give something to people after you die: leave, pass on, bequeath
give 2
give2 n [U]
the ability of a material or substance to bend or stretch when put under pressure
The rope has quite a bit of give in it.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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